Product Overview

FloorFX offers a comprehensive portfolio of customizable products to solve specific challenges and meet requirements.

FloorFX products are manufactured in the world’s leading manufacturing facilities with a focus on quality, sustainability and environment-friendly practices.

1 | System

Determine the product system that will be most effective at solving your specific flooring requirements.  All FloorFX product systems are listed blow.  Learn more about each one by clicking the Explore button.

2 | Shape and Size

Each FloorFX product has several available sizes, thicknesses, wear layer options available enabling project specifiers to meet exact requirements.  Refer to the Technical Specifications document listed under the Resources tab on product pages below for a list of available options for each product.

3 | Color and Embossment

FloorFX products feature high resolution, realistic films that feature the latest looks in both classic and contemporary wood, stone and abstract designs.  Using the exclusive FloorFX color binder, architects, designers, and specifiers are able to see pattern layouts and actual size prints for easy selection from hundreds of different films and several embossment options.


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Product Overview & Core Collection Brochure

FloorFX Product Overview




ULTRA RLX™ is a revolutionary loose lay flooring that requires no adhesive or clicking system yet holds true to form and to the floor.  Its multi-layered structure provides the perfect blend of rigidity, flexibility, performance, and comfort.


AscendXD Performance Flooring

AscendXD™ changes the rules of high density rigid core flooring.  Its advanced polyvinyl core is more than twice as dense as traditional WPC/PVC cores and is the foundation of this highly stable, damage resistant, and cost effective floor solution.


Repose Solid Loose Lay Vinyl

Repose Solid Loose Lay Vinyl™ combines a fiberglass-reinforced solid vinyl structure with a straight edge profile for enhanced stability, durability. and ease of installation.

Perform Luxury Vinyl

Perform Luxury Vinyl Flooring

PerformX Luxury Vinyl Flooring™ is the standard for quality, sustainability and durability in solid vinyl flooring. It’s advanced ceramic bead finish ensures brilliant color and pattern definition, superior scratch and scuff resistance, and low maintenance.

FloorFX Adhesives

Designed to enhance installation, repair, and life of FloorFX products.