Perform Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl at its best.

Perform Luxury Vinyl Flooring™ is the standard for quality, sustainability and durability in solid vinyl flooring.  Perform is manufactured using only virgin raw materials.  It’s advanced ceramic bead finish ensures brilliant color and pattern definition, superior scratch and scuff resistance, low maintenance and a “like new” look that lasts.

Now available as a Perform add-on, NANOCOAT UV™, a top finish offering highly advanced protection against stains, sharp object scratches, and abrasion caused by hard dirt particles and sand.  Click here to learn more.

To purchase or learn more about Perform Luxury Vinyl Flooring™, click here to find your nearest FloorFX distribution partner.

  • PRODUCT TYPE:  Dry-back Luxury Vinyl Flooring
    • Perform 3.0mm
    • Perform 2.5mm
    • Perform 2.0mm
  • SIZE:
    • STANDARD SIZES:  6″ x 48″ (plank) / 12″ x 24″ (tile)
    • CUSTOM SIZES:  4” x 36”, 7” x 48”, 9” x 48”, 9” x 60”, 18” x 36”
    • PERFORM 2.0/2.5 STANDARD WEAR LAYER:  12 mil/0.3mm
    • PERFORM 3.0 STANDARD WEAR LAYER:  20 mil/0.5mm
    • CUSTOM WEAR LAYERS:  6mil/0.15mm, 8 mil/0.2mm, 12 mil/0.3mm, 20 mil/0.5mm, 30 mil/0.7mm
  • STANDARD FINISH: UV-Urethane with Ceramic Bead
  • ADD-ON FINISH: NANOCOAT UV / Download Overview
  • PROFILE:  Micro-bevel
  • COLOR:  FloorFX Film Library
  • INSTALLATION:  Glue-down
  • ENVIRONMENT:  100% recyclable.