UltraRLX  **Patent Pending**


ULTRA RLX™ is a revolutionary loose lay flooring that requires no adhesive or clicking system yet holds true to form and to the floor.  Its multi-layered structure provides the perfect blend of rigidity, flexibility, performance, and comfort.

ULTRA RLX™ is an innovative design based on a high-density rigid core that offers superior horizontal and vertical stability. Acousti-grip™, an integrated sound mitigating backing with superior gripping characteristics, adheres to almost any subfloor system without adhesive, while Verti-Loc™, a unique tongue and groove system holds planks in place without a click mechanism and allows simple, fast installation and single-plank replacement on any part of the floor. High-definition film prints create vivid natural wood, stone and abstract looks while NanoCoat UV™, a specially formulated topcoat, offers excellent resistance to stains and scuffs.

The benefits of ULTRA RLX™ are far-reaching and cost-effective. ULTRA RLX™is up to three times faster to install than other flooring products, requires no acclimation time, can be installed over subfloors with up to 95% moisture content and is up to 40% more resistant to indentation than leading LVT and WPC floors. ULTRA RLX™is also mold and mildew-resistant with excellent sound mitigating performance.


  • CONSTRUCTION:  4.7mm
  • SIZE: 6″ x 48″
  • WEAR LAYER: 12 mil / 0.3mm
  • FINISH: NANOCOAT UV™ / Download Overview
  • PROFILE:  Micro-bevel
  • COLOR:  FloorFX Film Library
  • INSTALLATION:  Loose Lay/No Glue, Perimeter Glue, Full-Spread Glue
  • ENVIRONMENT:  Phthalate-free.  100% recyclable.


  • CONSTRUCTION:  5.0mm
  • SIZE: 6″ x 48″
  • WEAR LAYER: 22 mil / 0.5mm
  • FINISH: NANOCOAT UV™ / Download Overview
  • PROFILE:  Micro-bevel
  • COLOR:  FloorFX Film Library
  • INSTALLATION:  Loose Lay/No Glue, Perimeter Glue, Full-Spread Glue
  • ENVIRONMENT:  Phthalate-free.  100% recyclable.